A First Robotics Team

Each year, our team of thirty students works to brainstorm, plan, and design a robot prototype capable of completing the required tasks. This process includes sketching diagrams and developing CAD models to prepare for the build process.

Once a design has been developed, team members work together to implement it. A basic frame is built and then the components of the robot are assembled and attached onto the frame. In past competitions, the robot has been constructed out of wood, metal, plexi-glass, and other materials.

While the some members of the are still building the robot, others are already started to code it. Each competition requires a new program that is able to control the robot and all its functions while returning important data to the drive team. Our team uses java to implement all of the different commands our robot must carry out as it competes.

There are a lot of costs to consider when competing in robotics competitions. Not only are there expensive parts and equipment to purchase but the competitions themselves are expensive to attend. In order to ensure that our team can compete annually, we work hard to fundraise money from sponsors and budget our expenses. To learn more about sponsorship click here.

Who We Are:


Our robotics team - OCS Robotics - is a small, young team from Toronto, Ontario. We are based out of Senator O'Connor College School. Founded in 2015, we have only competed in a few compettions so far, yet each time we compete we do better than the last. Our team is composed of more than thirty students from all the grades and two teachers. Together, we build robots that compete in compettions and win district events.

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Our Robots:

Robots used to compete at competitions.


From team members.

Joining team 6141 has been the best and one of the most enjoyable decisions of my high school career

Lily O'Connor-ClarkeTeam Alumni

Being a member of a diverse team increased my confidence, expanded my knowledge in mechatronics and allowed me to a a part of a new and innovative future.

Alexia MonizeTeam Member

Being on team 6141 has made me realize just how necessary women are in the field of STEM.

Ednah NegatuTeam Member


Of Competition


With many more to come


From all grade levels


Won at competitions